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Apply for a Job/Volunteer Position Today

Thank you for your interest in our organization. We are a non-profit, faith-based organization that is diligent to change the current landscape of our inner cities.

If you are passionate about helping children make better choices in school and in life, we are looking for you! If you are desparate to help kids do better in school. We are looking for you! If you are family oriented and just want to help, we need you! We have several layers to our volunteer application.


First, we ask that you please come down and just check us out. This is so you can see what we are doing and just be our guest for the afternoon. If you are still interested in volunteering your time during our after school program, please fill out the online application through the link below or download a hard copyOur Assistant Director, Kenneth McQuiller will review it and set up an appointment to meet with you. Lastly, we ask that you submit your information to the riggers of a background check and fingerprinting for the safety of our children and organization.


Thank you for your passion to change lives!

Please submit completed applications to
or mail to 
2636 E. 115th St. 
Cleveland, OH 44104
Current Positions Available:
-Team Leader 
-Assistant Team Leader


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