Our mission is to provide meaningful after school activites and interventions to support academic, emotional and social growth in children. As well as giving them Jesus! 

TMPLC is unique from other after school programs in the inner city through its innovative programming. TMPLC aims to reach students holistically, wrapping around the whole child. TMPLC staff and volunteers do not simply interact with the student; they intentionally interact with all important adults in the student’s life (e.g. parents, teachers, social workers, coaches, families, etc.) TMPLC recognizes that academic challenges arise in a student because of factors outside of academics such as food insecurity, lack of sleep, trauma in the home, and general household instability. The Learning Center’s dedicated staff uses its four programs to reach hundreds of students and their families throughout the Buckeye neighborhood each year.




























In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Learning Center has launched a distanced learning program, providing a safe learning environment through the remote learning period. Students who cannot log on to their classes at home now have a safe place to connect to their virtual classroom with high-speed internet and a COVID-19 safe environment. 


We run a daily after school program to provide academic intervention, social-emotional learning, and spiritual encouragement. TMPLC enrolls students in the bottom 10% academically, academic and behaviorally as well as school referrals. The innovative blending learning format provides students with academic enrichment while learning through multiple methods. Children also receive a bible lesson almost everyday as well as life skills training.



As a newer program to The Learning Center, Safe Haven provides schools with resources to support students who receive out-of-school suspensions. Safe Haven is an alternative suspension site that provides academic support as well as social-emotional learning to create a better future for the student. 



The Learning Center hosts an annual summer program for the students to remain academically sharp while expanding their worldview with fun and unique field trips. The summer program runs three days a week, providing a hot lunch each day. 



As a community outreach, The Learning Center partners with The Meeting Place Church and distributes 500 backpacks filled with school supplies to students in need. Learning Center staff and volunteers distribute a majority of the backpacks at their annual event. Any backpacks remaining go to local schools to support students who could not make it.